Are you looking to purchase your very first home? The process between finding the right home for you and financing it can feel overwhelming. Using a mortgage broker is where you get the full experience on navigating this process. By using my services, I walk you through all the steps and are here for you whenever you need.

You may think – “but why wouldn’t I just go see my bank?” 15 years ago, when I was working as an accountant, that’s what I thought as well. What I discovered is:

**Mortgage professionals are licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta, which allows them to work with MULTIPLE lenders to find people such as yourself the best mortgage for you.  I deal with the traditional banks and credit unions such as TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, ATB, Servus etc as well as large mortgage companies such as MCAP, First National, and Merix, just to name a few.  Having access to a large pool of lenders allows me to offer the best mortgages at the best rates for your personal circumstances.  While you may think that if your bank can’t help you, no bank will, I like to respond that if all lenders were the same, there would only be one!

**In most cases, there are no fees for using a mortgage broker.  The lender we select to hold your mortgage pays a finder’s fee for bringing the mortgage to them.  Because I am only paid for my services if I secure a mortgage for you, I am motivated to help you throughout the whole process.  This can be unlike your bank, who can only offer what their bank's products are, whether they work for you or not.

My goal is to walk you through every step of applying for and securing a mortgage as well as offer meaningful solutions to paying off your mortgage in a faster way, thereby paying less overall interest -- which brings you to owning your home outright all the more sooner!

Self Employed Mortgage Edmonton

First Time Home Buyer’s Incentive Plan.

The Canadian Government is currently offering new home buyer’s (those who have never owned a home, or haven’t owned a home in the previous four years) a program to make their purchase more affordable and attainable. In addition to the minimum five percent down payment a new buyer will need, the government will also provide either:

**5% additional down payment for a pre-owned home purchase, making the total down payment a minimum 10%

**10% additional down payment for a new build home purchase, making the total down payment a minimum 15%

There are requirements to meet with this program.

First Time Home Buyer’s Plan - RRSP Withdrawl

As a first time home buyer (those who have never owned a home, or haven’t owned a home in the previous four years) you are entitled to redeem up to $35,000 of your RRSPs. You can use your RRSPs for your down payment, for legal and moving costs, upgrades to the home, new furniture, whatever is the best for your situation. It’s a misconception the RRSPs must be used only for the down payment. You “do” need a minimum 5% down payment to purchase a home, but if you have your down payment and want to use the RRSPs for other things – you can! Ask me for more clarification!

Home Buyer’s Plan – First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit

You can claim $5,000 for the purchase of a qualifying home in the year of purchase, as long as you have never owned a home or haven’t owned a home in the previous four years.

Mortgage Services Include: First Time Home Buyer Mortgage | Investment & Vacation Property Mortgage | New Construction Mortgage & Infill Financing | Refinance and Debt Consolidation Mortgage | Self-Employed Mortgage

Tower Mortgage - Indi Mortgage Solutions offers First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Services to clients across Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Devon, Leduc, and the surrounding areas.

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