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Julie Cooper, Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Tower Mortgage - Indi Mortgage

I am an Accredited Mortgage Professional with a complimentary background in finance, holding a CPA, CMA designation. Couple this with my strong social side and I have a dream career! I can’t be kept behind a desk doing the same thing day after day. Working with borrowers looking for solutions to improve their quality of life gives me both the social interactions I enjoy as well as the financial analysis I love.

Mortgages are a big landscape and individual needs can’t all be packed into one box! Having access to a large pool of lenders allows me to offer you the best mortgages at the best rates for your personal circumstances. It also is beneficial to protecting your credit score as the application I take is usually the one the lenders use to preapprove/approve your application and you won’t have the multiple credit inquiries that happen when you individually approach more than one lender at a time. Best of all, I can be reached outside of business hours by phone, email, or text, because not everything happens between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday!

My goal is to walk you through every step of applying for and securing a mortgage as well as offer meaningful solutions to paying off your mortgage in a faster way, thereby paying less overall interest — which brings you to owning your home outright all the more sooner!